The Land of Mom Friends.

Sometimes I crawl out of the shallow depths of Lancaster Land and I end  up really enjoying myself. With baby, a career, a remodel underway and seemingly the world revolving around this place, it's hard to leave. And sometimes, most times, it's more fun to stay. But today, I ventured far and away from Lancaster Land with baby to the Land of Mom Friends. 

Under the beautiful shade of a wisteria canopy, the Mom Friends gathered and marinated in the welcome heat. We slowly sipped and enjoyed this wine and this wine and snuggled and smelled each others' babies. We laughed. We ate. We shared. And mostly, we were glad that we had each other as Mom Friends. 

Being a mom is frightening territory. Each day is a victory. Some days are more victorious than others. And here I am, a mere four months into being welcomed into Mom Land, feeling that I've already lived some of the biggest successes and felt the most terrible defeats. I've felt feelings I didn't know existed. I've felt elation and frustration and sometimes I've felt those things at the same time. Being welcomed into Mom Land by Mom Friends is a big deal and not one that comes lightly.

I find myself feeling thankful for a lot. The babe, of course. I lay her down and look at her peaceful face and her oh-my-gosh-so-perfect lips and I feel overwhelmed by an emotion I can't even describe, it's so high. Gush, gush.

I'm also really thankful for Mom Friends. Because...

They laugh at things like poop. Like, really really hard.
They have answers to your questions, and laugh because they had the same ones. And the questions are almost always ridiculous beyond belief.
Their arms become your arms when you need a double set.
Their challenges are your challenges and your challenges are their challenges.
They tell you that no matter what, you're totally killing this Mom thing.

Cheers, Mom Friends. It's a privilege to live in Mom Land with you. And yes, you're totally killing it.