Meagan of Lancaster Land

Hi. I'm Meagan. And this is Lancaster Land.

I think the easiest way to share with you who I am, and what I'm all about is to share with you what it is that I love, and why I love so darn hard.


Joey is my babe of a husband, and this year, we celebrate ten years of marriage. No, it hasn't all been beautiful. No, it hasn't all been perfect. But that's what makes it great. We both have careers that we love, but keep us apart from each other often, and so we have learned how to treasure the time we have together. Joey and I met in high school. I was a nerd. He hardly attended class. I was president of the Future Farmers of America. He raced dirt bikes. Talk about two totally different people, but a college party brought us together and here we are. We also are partners in this crazy-strange piece of land we purchased, but more on that later.

Elsie Jeane.

Elsie Jeane is our daughter, just four years old. And you guys, being a mom is big stuff. It's so much harder than I ever imagined. But it's also so much better than I could have dreamed. It's sweeter, it's more magical and it's just so...worth it. I use the term "Mom Life" a lot, because all of you moms out there know exactly what I mean. We are fierce and strong and also soft, and that's magical too.

Lancaster Land.

Nope, we're not in a town called Lancaster. We actually live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just outside of Portland, Oregon. We love it here so much, that we both grew here, moved away, found each other and came back. Swoon. Anyway, Lancaster Land is the actual home where my husband grew up. A few years ago, we purchased it and have been putting ourselves through the extreme highs and severe lows of do-it-yourself improvements and a full-blown addition. And it has been YEARS. And each time I think we're done, we get some other crazy idea and realize we have got a heck of a lot more to do. I mean, this place makes me insane. Honestly. But I love it more than I ever thought I could. And, it's made me smarter and more capable. On Black Friday, I bought myself a new drill set, including an impact driver. Ten years ago, I wouldn't have known what those things were, let alone lusted for them.

There's so much more I love. So many more people - my family, including my wonderful and smart and beautiful sister, Bethany - my work, my dog Roscoe (although he might argue, if he could talk that he should have been first on the list. Dogs are our first kids, right? And he's almost ten years old, and talk about all the feels watching your first baby start to slow down...somebody please stop this rant.).

There's also the dairy farm I grew up on, motocross, hiking, travel, wine. I could go on.

But that's what the website is for.

Thanks for visiting, and reach out anytime.